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We offer tailored processing systems

You can choose to use the latest in technology- based  processing systems
or the old-fashioned paper-based ones
or a combination.

Unlike the others
we don't force
you into a box

We will tailor our financing programs to help you make more cash.

Unlike the others 
you get to choose

what works best for you.

We can do this because we have the knowledge,experience,
systems, and
one-of-a-kind financing that is unique in the factoring industry.


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What It Takes To Switch  Factoring Companies

Same Day funding on approved invoices
We do not require a long term contract.

97% advance rates; tops in the industry
Credit analysis on new and existing customers
Continuous collection management and
   follow up on factored invoices
Invoice and statement mailing (postage included)
Account status inquiries anytime;
  24/7 online account access.

Our flexibility allows you to maintain control:

You select accounts you prefer to factor
   on an invoice by invoice basis.
You control total factoring costs by only
   factoring on an "as needed" basis.

Up to 97% Advance Rates:
Advance rates are based on overall risk
associated with a particular industry as
well as experience and track record.
We hold reserve accounts to accommodate
industries which typically experience dilution
and that we would otherwise not be able
to service. Advance rates range from
80% to 97% of the gross invoice amount.

Fee Structures:
Fees are determined based on your industry,
the credit worthiness of your customers,
how quickly your invoices turn, and
monthly factoring volume.

OCF provides individualized customer service,
by tailoring our flexible programs to fit the individual
needs of each of our clients. We strive to
be responsive, handling receivables
with speed, efficiency, and a personal touch.

As a client you are assigned one account
administrator who will personally handle
all of your account activity and inquiries.
This gives us the ability to buy your
receivables and get the money to
you within 12 to 24 hours.

Having one person look after your account
also makes it easy for you to decide
which invoices you are going to sell and
when you want to sell those invoices.

Our funding is primarily done by
direct deposit or wire.

OCF has more than 70 years of successful
cash flow and credit management experience,
experience we would love to put to work for you.

To talk with a member of our sales team,
please contact one of our regional offices at:

Toll Free:  888-266-0197

Fax #:  425-702-1874

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More Account Recivable factoring information

Factor Accounts Receivables credit policies are necessary in an uncertain economy to minimize the risk
of bad debt losses and to shorten the average collection period. Strict policies may miss sales opportunities,
but they lower collection costs and bad debt losses.  

A current trend that is highly visible among corporations is to consolidate many finance functions such as
Accounts Receivable under smaller and specialized teams known as Shared Services Centers.
In the past, many corporations have had different  factor accounts receivable
departments which were dedicated to specific business units or geographical regions.

Companies struggling with accounts receivable after supplying goods and services to
customers got a shot in the arm last week when the central bank decided to
allow factor accounts receivable  services.

Factoring is a type of accounts receivable financial service where credit institutions "purchase" debts
and accounts receivable and will in turn collect the owed money from the debtors.

The Importance of Factor accounts receivable services

As in any downturn, two trends are dominating today's headlines: first, businesses
are going bellyup at an alarming rate. Both S&P and Moody's are predicting a steady
increase in the number of defaults until at least the second quarter of next year. Second, every day brings
more news of cost-cutting exercises across virtually all industries.

The first trend has placed greater focus on credit risk in commercial transactions.
The second has increased the interest in factor accounts receivable outsourcing non-core operations.

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